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Nothing brings a business to a halt like a leaking pipe or burst sewer line. Whether you’re running a restaurant, managing an office building, or an apartment complex, water in the wrong place ends up being nothing but an expensive headache, or even an emergency.

We understand how important it is to get these sort of issues under control quickly, and at Rapid Plumbing we are committed to getting your business up and running as soon as possible. Whether its a simple leak from a pipe in the wall, a clogged drain, or a something as serious as a broken underground sewer pipe, we can get it fixed right the first time.

Our Cutting Edge Technology

Our highly qualified team of professionals are experts in various cutting-edge pipe repair technologies. This approach to pipe repair is unique to Rapid Plumbing’s technicians, and it is what sets us apart from the rest. Trenchless pipe lining technology means that we can build a new pipe inside your old one. We first clean your pipes using our environmentally friendly pipe cleaning methods. This means no chemicals, just water is used to clean the inside or your pipes.

Once they are cleaned, we insert an HD camera into the pipes and view the trouble spots. This allows us to identify the source of the issues directly, without any guesswork, making sure we find the right solution and get it fixed right the first time.

Once we find the problem, we can line the interior of the pipe with a resin sealing any leaks in the pipes. This method means we don’t have to dig up the ground, cut into a wall, or tear out the hardscape to get to the problem and get it fixed, fast.

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