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Why Soften Your Water?

Water softening is a great way to make your home’s plumbing last longer through the removal of minerals and sediments that can cause unwanted buildup. While not dangerous to consume, these minerals that are found naturally in the water in many areas tend to adhere to the inside of pipes wherever they can find a place to attach. They then attract other particles to them, leading to a larger clog over time, that can be expensive to remove. A water softner traps these minerals, leaving a purified form of water to flow through your pipes, helping to extend their life and reducing your need for regular maintenance.

Soft Water and Daily Life

Furthermore, soft water can lead a much better experience when performing many daily tasks. For example, washing clothing in soft water helps to keep colors bright and vibrant, as well as reducing the wear and tear of the wash cycle on more delicate fabrics. Also, taking a shower or bathing in soft water feels far different than doing so in hard water offering a more pleasurable experience.

If you’ve got hard water in your home and need a solution, give us a call, we’re happy to help guide you through the process and handle the install.

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